Appellate Litigation

Our lawyers recognize that a winning verdict is never safe from reversal on appeal and that the disappointing loss at trial can be turned to advantage with appropriate post-trial advocacy.  Our lawyers include a partner certified by the California State Bar as a specialist in appellate law and who is a Fellow of the American Academy of Appellate Lawyers and also a member and past president of the California Academy of Appellate Lawyers.  Our lawyers effectively defend or challenge trial court decisions in state and federal appellate courts and also act proactively, as necessary, in filing or defending writ proceedings in appellate courts before cases are ready for full appellate treatment.   In addition to our own clients’ appeals, trial counsel often hire us to handle appellate matters for their clients in recognition of our particular expertise and success rate.   Our appellate referrals come from some of the biggest law firms in the country as well as from smaller firms and sole practitioners.

Appellate work takes many forms: most commonly we act immediately following a verdict or a dispositive trial court determination in order to prepare post-trial pleadings needed to preserve issues for the appellate process.  In many cases we are also asked to become involved behind the scenes during the pre-trial and trial processes in order to ensure that all steps necessary to best facilitate a successful appellate outcome have been taken.