Leasing & Property Management

For both landlord and tenant clients, we have negotiated all types of commercial leases, including office, retail, restaurant and industrial leases.  Our long-term client relationships allow us to provide advice and guidance consistent with each client’s business goals and procedures.

We recognize that property owners and managers face issues that may arise unexpectedly and that may require an immediate response.  Our staffing model is flexible and scalable to handle major, complex lease transactions and general leasing matters quickly and efficiently, such as enforcement remedies, mediation and arbitration of leasing disputes, property management agreements, as well as anticipating and handling landlord and tenant bankruptcies.

In tenant representation, we focus on reaching agreement on lease terms that both address our client’s concerns while avoiding protracted negotiations that would be of little benefit.  Our combined understanding of our client’s business needs and current leasing conditions are utilized in the negotiation process.  For our tenant clients routinely engaged in leasing, we work with them to develop a standard lease form and leasing procedures that serve to streamline this aspect of their business.