Why Choose A Career at Farella Braun + Martel?

Attorneys join Farella Braun + Martel for:

  • Our collegial and supportive environment
  • Our unique approach to law, which promotes early work experiences and client contact.
  • Our training and mentoring programs, which facilitate career development and advancement.
  • Our commitment to diversity and community service.

We believe that Farella Braun + Martel is unique. Given our mid-level size and lean staffing model, attorneys who join us at mid- to senior levels often find that they are provided with more responsibility and opportunities than they had received previously. We offer the training and mentoring opportunities to help lateral attorneys develop their careers and prepare to become partners.

If you are interested in working on highly complex legal matters and learning from some of the best attorneys in the Bay Area, consider a career at Farella Braun + Martel.

“Before coming to Farella Braun + Martel, I worked at a large firm with offices all over the world. I moved to Farella when it became apparent that associates at my prior firm didn't get to argue motions, take depositions, or do any of the things that make litigating fun. The move has been nothing but positive. Within two months of coming to Farella, I had argued my first motion. Since then, I've argued several motions, taken and defended depositions, conducted mediations, and argued before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. I work with some of the smartest lawyers I've ever met, and feel like I'm part of a team on every case. I've gotten litigation experience here I never would have gotten at my old firm, and those experiences have been invaluable in developing my skills as a lawyer. And I enjoy my colleagues; Farella doesn't seem to have the big egos that can make an associate's life difficult. The partners I work with treat me as a colleague, and that makes all the difference in my work environment.”

“Farella occupies a unique spot in an industry that is increasingly dominated by large, factory-like law firms. Farella does the same caliber of case as the "big law firms" and many times we find ourselves opposing those firms. But instead of offering a work place in which colleagues are viewed with suspicion or hostility, Farella offers an environment that is built on professionalism, respect, collaboration, mentoring, trust and friendship. Farella retains the virtue of "collegiality," a feature of private law firms that I had come to believe was extinct. Collegiality is not just healthier, it actually makes for better business. We take pride in our profession and our institution. We are enthusiastic about our work and more sensitive to client needs. As a result, we consistently achieve excellent results, have the respect of the bar and have the repeat business of long-standing firm clients.” 

“Although my previous firm had great clients and interesting work, I was always one of a cast of thousands working on a case. At Farella Braun + Martel, the minute I stepped in the door, I was offered more substantive opportunities and I got more experience in my first year here than in the first three of my career at a larger firm. And the cases and clients were all top-notch and interesting.”