We Provide Comprehensive Employment Benefits

Salary & Insurance Benefits

The firm offers a competitive salary. First year associates receive an annual salary of $180,000; our minimum billable requirement is 1850 hours. The firm also provides a full range of medical, dental, vision, life, disability, and other insurance benefits which are effective the first month after joining the firm.  Our generous benefits policies apply equally to spouses, registered domestic partners and dependent children.


Childcare Benefits

The firm offers paid primary and secondary caregiver leave (i.e., gender-neutral maternity and paternity leave). Further, the firm offers subsidized back-up childcare assistance. The firm also has a plan that allows associates to pay for dependent day care expenses on a pre-tax, salary reduction basis.


Vacation & Associate Sabbatical Program

All associates receive four weeks of vacation each year. After four consecutive years with the firm and billing 7400 hours, associates are entitled to a four-week paid sabbatical in addition to their vacation time.


Judicial Clerkship

The firm pays judicial clerkship bonuses to those individuals who have completed a clerkship on the federal district or appellate courts, state appellate courts or United States Supreme Court. Incoming attorneys who have had this type of clerkship experience are usually given one year’s credit for each year of clerking.


Technology Allowances

The firm provides allowances for the purchase of a home computer, a smart phone and wireless data fees.