Business Litigation

Appellate Litigation

“Appellate work is most assuredly not the recycling of trial level points and authorities. Of course, the orientation of trial work and appellate work is obviously different, but that is only the beginning of the differences that come immediately to mind. * * * [A]ppellate practice entails rigorous original work in its own right.”

In Re Marriage of Shaban, 88 Cal. App. 4th 398, 408-409 (2001)

For more than 50 years, clients around the country have sought out Farella Braun + Martel to handle their writs and appeals or submit amicus curiae briefs on their behalf. Our clients know that Farella’s appellate lawyers have extensive experience in navigating the appellate courts and can use their profound understanding of appellate practice and procedure, as well as their fresh perspective and honed ability to craft the right arguments for an appellate court, to maximize the chances for a favorable outcome on appeal.

The depth of Farella’s appellate experience offers clients a substantial resource when faced with complex legal issues. We have successfully briefed and argued appeals in courts at every level, including the United States Supreme Court and every circuit of the United States Court of Appeals, and are especially active in the Ninth Circuit and the California appellate courts. We have had a leading role in developing the law in many areas, including intellectual property, constitutional law, antitrust, federal preemption and complex business litigation. Farella’s experienced appellate lawyers also frequently consult on trial strategy, formulate and draft dispositive motions, assist trial counsel in preserving and developing issues for appellate review, and prepare post-trial motions in anticipation of appeal.

Our team has distinguished appellate credentials, and includes fellows in the American Academy of Appellate Lawyers and the California Academy of Appellate Lawyers, former law clerks to Federal Circuit Court judges and the California Courts of Appeal, and attorneys who worked as appellate attorneys for the Department of Justice.