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Platform Ecosystems – The Landscape of US and EU Legislation (Webinar)

May 4, 2022 Webinar

Stephanie Skaff and Nate Garhart discuss "Platform Ecosystems – The Landscape of US and EU Legislation."

Several new bills targeting online platform companies are making their way through state and federal legislative bodies in the United States. These legislative efforts appear likely to lead to limits on the immunity protection provided by Section 230, additional regulatory oversight by state and federal agencies, and increased litigation against platform companies operating in the US. But the European Union is well ahead on this front, with two new laws targeting the online industry much further along in the legislative process. The Digital Markets Act (DMA) and the Digital Service Act (DSA) represent a major update to the law governing the digital marketplace and its participants. The DMA aims to protect the fairness of markets by targeting the anti-competitive and personal data collection actions of a few large, market-dominant, core service platforms it labels "gatekeepers." The DSA sets its sights on protecting consumers and small businesses through requiring greater transparency from the larger platforms with which they transact. Join us for an interactive discussion on:

  • U.S. legislation to watch
  • Status of the European legislation
  • An overview of the DMA and DSA
  • Applicability of the European laws to U.S. companies
  • Key potential effects on covered U.S. companies
  • Consequences for consumers and others