Deepak Gupta’s practice is focused on intellectual property and business litigation. He is the founder of the firm’s Internet Law Group and the primary point of contact for a wide variety of internet-related matters.

The bulk of Deepak’s practice consists of patent and copyright litigation, mostly driven by claims related to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, as well as the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. His clientele ranges from very large tech companies, including several in the Fortune 5, down to very small tech startups, and everything in between.

As a litigator, Deepak brings to bear a combination of battle-tested trial advocacy techniques, solid strategic and procedural judgment and a tenacious competitive spirit. He also has a solid grounding in science and technology, including an undergraduate degree in symbolic systems. Clients acknowledge, and come to rely on, his sense of judgment and his skill at discerning the overall landscape of a dispute -- a good balance between aggressive and conservative.

When it’s both feasible, and in his clients’ best interest, Deepak prefers to negotiate and settle cases – discussion and compromise are almost always preferable to the risk, expense, and demands of a trial. That being said, if a case does end up going to court, he is an aggressive, very competitive advocate. His courtroom track record inevitably informs his settlement negotiations – a proven, known ability to prevail in court makes prospective opponents much more open to and cooperative in negotiation.

As a legal advisor, Deepak has the ability to integrate big-picture case strategy and motion practice. This means understanding the facts that are to his client’s advantage as well as the weaknesses of his opponent’s case, and using both to bring some force to the fact pattern. In formulating arguments, he tries, usually with success, to characterize the applicable facts and law in a moral way. There’s always some element of right and wrong at work in any dispute, and there’s also a business element to it. Business functions because certain principles are observed, and by using those principles to highlight the rationale behind his clients’ position, Deepak is an effective, innovative advocate for his clients. 


  • Northern California Super Lawyers (2016-2018)
  • Norther California Super Lawyers Rising Stars (2010-2015, 2018)