Coronavirus Was Unexpected, but Is It Force Majeure?

April 9, 2020 at 10:00am11:00am (PDT)

Join speakers, Matt Lewis and Janice Reicher, on the webinar discussing "Coronavirus Was Unexpected, but Is It Force Majeure?"


As businesses work through the initial shock of the coronavirus pandemic and the abrupt economic slow down that followed, many businesses are now reassessing their contractual rights and obligations, including a “boilerplate” clause few had paid attention to before: Force Majeure.

In this program we will look at whether force majeure or “act of God” clauses justify the suspension of performance of a party’s duties under the contract. We will see how much depends on the specific language of the clause itself and the facts making it difficult or impossible for a party to perform as originally expected. Join our webinar as we discuss:

  • Does the force majeure include pandemic or public health emergency?
  • What requirements must a contracting party meet in order to show that COVID-19 prevents performance of a contract?
  • If a contract doesn’t contain a force majeure clause, are there other arguments to excuse performance?