Crypto-Currency: Hot Topics and Trends in Criminal and Regulatory Enforcement

Jessica K. Nall
San Francisco, CA

Jessica Nall to speak at the BASF CLE program "Crypto-Currency: Hot Topics and Trends in Criminal and Regulatory Enforcement." 

This diverse panel including representatives from the SEC, Department of Justice, a crypto-security start-up, and the private defense bar will investigate hot issues in the regulation of crypto-currency. We will explore what motivates regulators to intervene in the progress of digital currencies, and how key players in the industry have responded to government enforcement actions, both domestic and international. Attorneys interested in understanding the current enforcement landscape and the anticipated trajectory of regulation in this fast-developing space are encouraged to attend.


  1. Who are the key regulatory players in crypto-currency enforcement actions
  2. A review of recent law enforcement and regulatory actions
  3. How law enforcement and regulatory actions are shaping the digital currency and other blockchain industries
  4. Predictions on the future direction of enforcement actions

Link to program details and registration.

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