Nonprofit Education Seminar Series

Nonprofit Education Series
Farella Braun + Martel LLP

Farella Braun + Martel is pleased to offer Nonprofit Educational Seminars. Our presentations feature top lawyers, consultants, money managers and accountant’s with the goal to produce programs focused on key legal issues faced by successful nonprofits. Each seminar provides both MCLE and CE credits and includes networking time with other key decision makers in the nonprofit sector.

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2022 Programs
04.21.22 - Election Year Issues for Private Foundations and Public Charities
03.17.22 - Nonprofit Real Estate: Perspectives on Shedding Space
02.17.22 - Preparing Your Organization for California's New Employment Laws in 2022

2021 Programs
05.20.21 - Management Anti-Harassment Training for Exempt Organization Professionals
04.22.21 - Insurance for Nonprofits: Managing Risk in Risky Times
03.24.21 - Eviction Moratorium Updates for Nonprofits
02.25.21 - New Round of PPP Loans: What Nonprofits Need to Know
01.21.21 - The Art of Planning for Valuable Collections

2020 Programs
10.22.20 - The CCPA and Nonprofits: Privacy and IP Hot Topics
09.17.20 - What Nonprofits Need to Know About Landlord-Tenants Relationships and Insurance
07.16.20 - Employment Law Updates for Nonprofits in the New Normal
06.18.20 - Hot Topics Facing Nonprofit Organizations and Their Advisors in 2020
03.26.20 - How California’s New Legislation Affects Nonprofit Organizations
02.27.20 - Privacy Please: How California’s Consumer Data Collection and Protection Laws Impact Nonprofits
01.23.20 - What Nonprofits Need to Know About Policy Responses to California’s Housing Crisis

2019 Programs
05.09.19 - Non-Profits, #MeToo and Talent Management in 2019
04.18.19 - Opportunity Zone Tax Benefit for Nonprofits: Understand How and When to Invest
03.21.19 - Corporate Philanthropy: Trends. Traps. Tricks.
01.24.19 - Nonprofit Property Tax Exemptions: Getting Started and Maintaining Compliance

2018 Programs
10.25.18 - Unpacking Recent Changes in Nonprofit Accounting Reporting Requirements: Compliance and Best Practices for ASU 2016-14 & 2018-08
05.24.18 - Enterprise Risk Management: What Nonprofit Need to Know
04.19.18 - Choosing the Right Charitable Vehicle: PFs, DAFs, SOs and LLCs
03.15.18 - Best Practices of Mega Gifts
03.01.18 - Assessing the Impact of Tax Reform: Planning Opportunities and Pitfalls for Individuals and Charities
02.15.18 - Insurance 101: Liability Protection for Nonprofits
01.17.18 - Public Policy and Advocacy in an Election Year: What Charities and Foundations Need to Know

2017 Programs
11.16.17 - Nonprofits and Intellectual Property: Essential Rules of the Road
05.18.17 - Cannabis: An Introduction to a Smoking Hot Topics
04.26.17 - Rules of the Road: Staying in Your Lane for Board Members and Management
03.16.17 - Employment Law for Nonprofits 
02.16.17 - Corporate Philanthropy: What Does the Future Hold for Your Company or Your Corporate Philanthropic Partner?
01.19.17 - All the Fish in the Sea: Practical Insights for Developing Mission Related and Impact Investing Programs

2016 Programs
11.17.16 - Cybersecurity: Proactively Mitigate and Manage Your Nonprofit’s Cyber Risk
04.20.16 - New Audit Rules for Nonprofits
03.17.16 - Getting It Right: How to Maximize Your Non-Profit Organization's Property Tax Exemption
02.18.16 - Impact Investing: What, Why and How
01.21.16 - Successful Women: Through the Non-Profit Looking Glass

2015 Programs
10.15.15 - From Inspiration to Implementation: Working with Philanthropic Advisors, Lawyers and Accountants
04.16.15 - Critical Risk Management Issues Facing Nonprofit Organizations
03.19.15 - Nonprofits as Landlords and Tenants: A Look at Real Estate Issues from Both Sides
02.19.15 - Theft, Fraud and Embezzlement: What Nonprofits Need to Know to Protect Themselves and Their Boards

2014 Programs
11.20.14 - Phones, Tablets, and Phablets: Tips For Managing Access to Data Through Mobile Devices
10.16.14 - LinkedIn for Nonprofits: Using LinkedIn to Recruit, Advocate, and Develop
04.17.14 - Privacy Matters: The Top Five Nonprofit Privacy Risks and How to Proactively Address Them
03.20.14 - Current Developments in Tax and Compliance for Nonprofits
02.20.14 - Lobbying and Advocacy in an Election Year: What Charities Need to Know
01.23.14 - Everything a Nonprofit (and its Board Members) Need to Know About Insurance

2013 Programs
11.21.13 - Employment Law Best Practices: Wage and Hour Laws, Employee Classification and Compensation
10.24.13 - Hot Topics from the California AG's Office

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