IACC 2.0 - “General Counsel As Risk Manager: For This I Went to Law School?”

Hyatt Regency Santa Clara

Santa Clara, CA

Farella Partners Mary McCutcheon and Erica Villanueva will be joined by Sachin Adarkar, General Counsel Prosper Market Place to discuss, “General Counsel As Risk Manager:  For This I Went to Law School?” at the 2nd Annual Institute for Advanced Corporate Counsel (IACC 2.0).

The panel will discuss the following:  As companies restructure or streamline their operations, general counsel must manage an ever-broadening array of tasks.  One of the many functions migrating into corporate law departments is risk management – assessing the company’s insurance requirements and purchasing adequate insurance coverage.  While these tasks may seem like an odd fit within the corporate law function, good risk management is often inextricably intertwined with tasks that are clearly within the province of the legal department.  Understanding that an effective risk management strategy will always depend on strong external support from insurance brokers and insurance coverage counsel, general counsel must learn to delegate effectively various tasks to the correct internal resource or external service provider.  In this presentation, we will provide suggested guidelines and best practices for in-house counsel handling the risk management function.