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‘Socially responsible investing’ steps towards mainstream

January 6, 2014 Media Coverage

North Bay Business Journal
January 6, 2014
"‘Socially responsible investing’ steps towards mainstream"

The North Bay Business Journal article notes that individuals who measure societal impact as part of their investment performance are finding themselves with an increasingly sophisticated array of options, ranging from the latest practices in quantitatively evaluating an overall portfolio to approaches that favor investment in a specific regional economy.

According to Farella's Family Wealth attorney Genevieve Larson, while that share still accounts for only a fraction of the total dollars under management in the U.S., a new generation of investors made wealthy by the recent wave of public offerings for Bay Area tech companies has proven to make societal concerns a major part of their long-term wealth management strategy.

“It’s interesting — you’d think that the younger generation would think, ‘It’s my money. I earned it,’” she said. “The younger generation wants to see quantifiable change.”

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