Energy Company Bankruptcy

Representing major creditor in multi-billion dollar energy company bankruptcy, including complex litigation appealed to Federal Court of Appeal.

Lake Tahoe Resort Bankruptcy

Successfully foreclosed on resort development property in Lake Tahoe area, overcoming concerted legal actions by debtor, including lawsuits and bankruptcy filing.

Citibank Loan Work Outs

Represented lender in the workout of various loan portfolios.

City of Vallejo Bankruptcy

Representing the International Association of Firefighters Local 1186, and International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 2376 in the City's Chapter 9 bankruptcy. Vallejo was the largest city in California to file for bankruptcy protection.

Alternative Energy Bankruptcy

Acted as the examiner in a large bankruptcy of wind turbine company and assisted solar energy clients on financing and sale.

BearingPoint, Inc. Bankruptcy

Represented Dulles Hotel Corporation in connection with its claims in the BearingPoint bankruptcy, filed in the Southern District of New York.

Cascade Acceptance Corporation

Representing the Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors in the Chapter 11 bankruptcy case of Cascade Acceptance Corporation, a mortgage investment company with more than $100 million of assets and liabilities, pending in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of California.  Subsequently, we also represent the Chapter 7 trustee after conversion of the case in complex litigation against insiders and affiliates. 

CEIDCO Bankruptcy

Defended a developer of commercial properties in Central Europe in eight-figure bankruptcy litigation involving fraudulent transfers, fraud, breach of fiduciary duty and other claims.

Crown Vantage bankruptcy

Represent U. S. Xpress in connection with the Crown Vantage bankruptcy proceeding.

Curon Medical v. Woodruff Sawyer & Co.

Represented Curon Inc., a small medical device company, as Special Litigation Counsel in an insurance broker malpractice claim.  A jury panel of the San Francisco Superior Court correctly found that the insurance broker negligently failed to preserve Curon's rights under its policy, and awarded damages to Curon.

Dolby Laboratories Bankruptcy / Restructuring

Advice on structuring agreements and licensing programs, and representing digital technology company's interests in customer bankruptcies and workouts.

Kemper Insurance Insolvency

Represented numerous clients anticipating the insolvency and liquidation of Kemper, including negotiation and documentation of policy buy-out deals in the shadow of looming insolvency.

National Restaurant Chain Bankruptcy Sale

Bids for, and purchase of, assets out of various bankruptcies, ranging from attempted acquisition of a publicly-traded restaurant chain, to purchase of an approximately $100 million hotel property, to acquisition of various intellectual property assets out of bankruptcy sales and auctions.

Ng Bankruptcy

Represent debtors in Chapter 11 bankruptcy case of real estate magnate who ran mortgage investment funds with assets of hundreds of millions of dollars, including complex dealings with affiliated entities, the Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors and thousands of  individual creditors, litigants and other interested parties in the bankruptcy case.

Peregrine Real Estate Bankruptcy

Represented the creditors' committee.


Represented owners of a business sold to the debtor in protecting their purchase payments from attack as fraudulent transfers.

Ritz-Carlton Hotel

Representing Thomas Morone, the Court-appointed Receiver for the Ritz-Carlton Highlands Hotel and Residences at the Northstar ski resort in Lake Tahoe.  Among other things, we have been assisting the Receiver with respect to issues regarding the proposed sale of the Hotel property, disputes involving the sale of a dozen penthouse condominium units, a number of construction and mechanics' lien matters and various other litigation issues.

Shaman Pharmaceuticals Bankruptcy

Represented Shaman Pharmaceuticals in its Chapter 11 proceeding as debtor's counsel and sold their leasehold in bankruptcy for almost $1 million, and auctioned their various intellectual property assets.

SK Foods LP

Representing the company owners, parent companies, affiliates and family trusts in defending over 14 separate proceedings brought by the bankruptcy trustee on a variety of theories.


Successfully defended the company in a fraudulent transfer and preference litigation brought by a bankrupt debtor, settling the case for a walk away and agreement not to seek attorneys' fees after defeating an early motion for partial summary judgment.

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Protecting Suppliers and Customers of Insolvent or Bankrupt Companies

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