Property and Business Interruption Claims

Chocolate Processing Facilities
We represented a manufacturer of premium chocolate in connection with a stock-in-process loss at one of its chocolate processing facilities.  In a dispute with the insurer regarding interpretation of the policy’s valuation provision, we negotiated a substantial recovery. Read More
Computer Hard Drive Manufacturer
We represented a major computer hard drive manufacturer in connection with a $14 million dollar business interruption claim, and obtained a substantial recovery on behalf of our client.  We worked with the company’s forensic accountants to quantify the loss and negotiated with the insurers to resolve complex disputes regarding loss valuation and calculation of the policy’s deductible. Read More
Pharmaceutical Company
We represented a major pharmaceutical company in presenting a claim for losses arising out of damaged pharmaceutical products under London-based stock-throughput policies, and negotiated a substantial recovery.  Read More
Thailand Flooding
We negotiated a settlement of over $45 million in property and business income losses for an optical communication device manufacturer arising out of a flood at its manufacturing facilities in Thailand.  We negotiated with the company’s multiple insurance carriers (including several foreign insurers) to resolve complex disputes involving loss valuation, subrogation claims, business interruption losses resulting from lost research and development, salvage values, and the availability of other insurance provided by the client’s contract manufacturer. Read More