Food & Hospitality

Chocolate Processing Facilities
We represented a manufacturer of premium chocolate in connection with a stock-in-process loss at one of its chocolate processing facilities.  In a dispute with the insurer regarding interpretation of the policy’s valuation provision, we negotiated a substantial recovery. Read More
Contaminated Food Product
We are pursuing coverage for numerous infant death and injury claims allegedly resulting from exposure to a contaminated food product. Read More
Defense and Settlement Costs / Wage and Hour Claims
We represented a hotel owner and, after reversing an initial denial of coverage, recovered significant sums under an employment practices liability policy for defense and settlement costs resulting from wage and hour claims. Read More
Ortiz v. Ghirardelli
Defended a wage and hour class action brought by hourly restaurant and retail employees for all California locations. The complaint included meal and rest break violations, unpaid overtime, non-compliant wage statements, unreimbursed business expenses, and PAGA claims. We resolved all claims prior to class certification through mediation, and the court approved the settlement. Read More
Property and Business Interruption Losses
We represented a hotel owner in recovering approximately $27 million from its insurance carrier for property and business interruption losses arising out of a fire at a hotel located at Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco. Read More
Trademark & Copyright Defense Costs / Regional Food Distribution Company
We represented a regional food distribution company in a dispute with its insurers regarding coverage for costs incurred to defend and settle trademark and copyright infringement claims involving the alleged sale of counterfeit products. After filing a federal court lawsuit and summary judgment motion, we recovered a substantial settlement from the company’s general liability and private company management liability insurers.  Read More