Nonprofit Basics: Document Retention Policies and Subpoenas, and a Conversation With Aviva Gilbert on Why Good Policies Matter

August 29, 2022 Podcast
EO Radio Show – Your Nonprofit Legal Resource

Welcome to EO Radio Show – Your Nonprofit Legal Resource. This Nonprofit Basics episode covers record retention policies, document destruction schedules, and why they matter. You may have noticed that the IRS Form 990, that's the information return for nonprofit organizations, specifically asks the filing organization if it has a document retention policy. It is buried at line 14 of Section B to Part 6 of the current 990. While there is no penalty imposed by the Internal Revenue Code for not having a document retention policy, not only is it good form to be able to indicate “Yes” on Form 990, but also having a formal written retention policy is certainly a best practice.


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IRS Form 990

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