White Collar Defense and Internal Corporate Investigations

DOJ Actions
Represent individuals and corporations in various DOJ actions. Read More
Environmental Actions
Represent client in criminal and administrative environmental investigations and enforcement actions.  Read More
Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
Represent individuals and corporations in various FCPA issues. Read More
In re Amtel Derivative Litigation
Represented former CEO and executive vice president of a four billion-dollar technology company in federal and state derivative actions alleging stock options backdating. Read More
In re Avant! Securities Litigation
We represented a corporate CEO in multiple consolidated class actions. Read More
In re Media Vision Securities Litigation
We represented the former worldwide vice president of sales for Media Vision in parallel securities class actions, an SEC investigation, and action by the U.S. Department of Justice. Read More
LCD Antitrust Investigation
Representing Japanese national in Department of Justice criminal investigation (Antitrust Division) regarding alleged price fixing in violation of the Sherman Act, Section 1. Read More
Medicare Fraud
Represent medical facility employees in investigations of Medicare Fraud. Read More
SEC v. Leslie
We represented a former software company CEO in defense of a civil enforcement action brought by the SEC alleging accounting improprieties. After obtaining a ruling on summary judgment that significantly narrowed the claims against our client, we negotiated a favorable settlement with the SEC. Read More
Securities Fraud
Currently representing targets and witnesses in various securities fraud investigations and trials. Read More
United Commercial Bank
We represent a former bank executive in multiple lawsuits and administrative proceedings stemming from a high-profile bank failure, including breach of fiduciary action and an FDIC investigation regarding claims of more than $500 million.  Read More