The Environmentally Conscious Law Firm

Commitment to Community is enshrined in Farella Braun + Martel’s core values.  The commitment includes protecting the environment in which we live and work.  Our sustainability program aims to minimize our environmental impact by addressing recycling and waste reduction, energy and natural resource conservation and pollution prevention.  In 2006, Farella was the first major law firm in San Francisco to obtain certification as a green business by the San Francisco Green Business Program, recognizing the firm for meeting the program’s stringent environmental standards.  We received our third Green Business certification in early 2015.

Action Speaks

We have integrated “green” efforts into all aspects of how we operate.  Our enthusiastic employees are continuously improving our existing efforts and undertaking new initiatives to promote environmental sustainability.  Notable elements of the firm’s sustainability program:

  • paper product, pen and battery recycling
  • composting
  • durable cups, glasses, plates and utensils in kitchen areas
  • compostable plates and utensils in conference rooms
  • elimination of single serving bottled water
  • environmentally responsible purchasing
  • partnering with local non-profits and organizations for reuse of unneeded computers, supplies and furniture
  • 50% to 100%post-consumer waste recycled paper for printing
  • standardized double-sided printing from copiers
  • energy efficient light fixtures
  • email profiling to reduce printing requirements
  • paperless billing

While our focus remains internal and tries to answer the question, “How can Farella be a more environmentally friendly place to work?” our clients have noticed.  We regularly discuss our efforts with clients, and identify ways to be more “green” in our service delivery.  We work closely with our property managers and outside vendors to be catalysts for change.  Our caterers no longer supply us with plastic utensils or plates and our office supply vendor is local and a San Francisco Green Business. Our landlord has earned LEED Silver certification for the building and the building janitorial crews now use all environmentally friendly cleaning products. 

In 2007, FBM won an Acterra Business Environmental Award. The firm was selected the recipient of the “Susanne Wilson Award for Pollution Prevention/Resource Conservation” in the Medium Company category.