Intellectual Property Litigation

Patent Litigation


Pickholtz v. Aladdin Knowledge Systems

We represented the inventor in a patent infringement action alleging that certain of Aladdin's Software Digital Rights Management (DRM) products infringed the inventor's patent (covering an invention restricting unauthorized use of pirated computer software).  We secured a $2 million settlement after successfully defeating Aladdin's jurisdictional challenges, winning all contested claim constructions and receiving favorable orders on many discovery issues, including an award of sanctions for the defendants' discovery abuse.  The settlement was reached and finalized without incurring the additional expense of taking or defending any depositions.

Purple Leaf v. Google, Inc.

Defended Google Checkout in the Eastern District of Texas against assertions that it infringed a patent owned by Purple Leaf that purportedly disclosed a way to conduct an online transaction directly between merchant and buyer. After initial pleadings, we were able to attain a dismissal of the claims against Google. 

Rothschild Location Technologies v. Popular Ridesharing Company

Defended a popular ridesharing company in Eastern District of Texas patent proceedings from allegations that our client’s on-demand transportation services infringe Rothschild’s patents relating to GPS technology. Obtained a favorable settlement for our client.

Scheiber v. Dolby

We successfully obtained summary judgment in favor of our client, Dolby Laboratories, Inc., in the Indiana District Court on the issue of bundling United States patents with foreign patents. The judgment was affirmed by the Seventh Circuit, and a writ of certiorari denied by the Supreme Court.

Tridia Corp. v. NTT Resonant Corp.

Served as lead counsel for this subsidiary of Japan’s largest telecom company, Nippon Telegraph & Telephone Co., in its first ever patent litigation in the United States. The case filed in Georgia Northern District Court presented unique questions involving the role of special masters to resolve section 101 motions and personal service of Japanese companies in the United States under the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. 

Trimble Navigation, Ltd. v. SiRF Technology, Inc.

We defended SiRF Technology in an infringement action on three patents related to chipsets for use in Global Positioning Systems (GPS) technology. After a technical tutorial and the assertion of counterclaims based on limited discovery, and the exchange of initial disclosures under the Local Patent Rules, we achieved a favorable settlement for the client which included licenses to additional patents.