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PG&E Bankruptcy: Lessons Learned and a Path Forward

Unplugged Renewable Energy Series
August 4, 2020 at 5:00pm6:30pm (PDT)
Gary M. Kaplan

Farella's Unplugged Renewable Energy Series features Nick Moore (moderator) and Gary Kaplan (panelist) discussing "PG&E Bankruptcy: Lessons Learned and a Path Forward."

The California power giant, PG&E, has emerged from the country’s largest utility bankruptcy proceeding as a dramatically different company. Not only has PG&E exited Chapter 11, it has completed a restructuring that will have an enormous impact on California’s energy future. This roundtable panel discusses PG&E’s reorganization with one of its primary architects and assess the implications for California’s clean energy sector, including:

  • How does the reorganization and CPUC approval decision ensure compliance with SB 901 and AB 1054 and reshape the regulatory environment?
  • How does the reorganization address wildfire liability risks going forward?
  • What is the reorganization’s impact on PG&E’s commitment to clean energy policies and power purchase agreements?
  • What were some of the biggest challenges in developing a reorganization plan?