An In-Depth Look at Attorney-Client Privilege: In Employment, White Collar, and Commercial Litigation

June 14, 2022
BASF Barristers Litigation Section

Aviva Gilbert is a speaker at the BASF Barristers Litigation Section program, "An In-Depth Look at Attorney-Client Privilege." 

Session Overview:

The attorney-client privilege seems simple right? Well, maybe not in every situation. This program takes a deeper dive into specific attorney-client privilege issues that arise in various contexts. Learn how to better preserve the privilege and when it may be broken.


  • What thorny attorney-client privilege issues arise in the employment context?
  • Are communications between a lawyer and former employees privileged?
  • What special considerations apply to attorney-client privilege issues in the white-collar context?
  • When can the privilege be broken during an investigation?
  • How should outside counsel advise in-house lawyers working for a company with a complex legal structure?