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Crushing Impact of Coronavirus on Wine Businesses and Lenders

Wine Industry Education Series
June 3, 2020 at 10:00am11:00am (PDT)

Join speakers, Gary Kaplan and Matt Lewis, on the webinar as they discuss "Crushing Impact of Coronavirus on Wine Businesses and Lenders."

The COVID-19 pandemic will impact different wine businesses in a variety of ways and at some point, many will be unable to service their debts to lenders while meeting payroll and other obligations. Although grapes will continue to be harvested, and wine will still be made and shipped, COVID-19 will require most borrowers to face difficult conversations with their lenders. How wine businesses understand and approach such discussions will greatly affect how receptive their lenders are to negotiations. Join our webinar as we discuss:

  • Realistic assessment of wine business operations and finances, and future plans
  • Recognizing most critical challenges, including disrupted distribution channels and other market forces 
  • Enhancing financial prospects through cost control and government assistance
  • Engaging in proactive discussions with lenders
  • Steps borrowers can take to convince lenders to restructure debt obligations
  • Understanding negotiating dynamics in view of industry-wide problems lenders face
  • Preparing for lenders questions and demands