Investigations, Audits, Subpoenas, Oh My! (Webinar)

Nonprofit Education Series
October 28, 2021 at 4:00pm5:30pm (PDT)

Our Nonprofit Education Series speakers Cynthia Rowland, Aviva Gilbert and guest speaker, Stephanie Fauerbach from FTI Consulting, discuss "Investigations, Audits, Subpoenas, Oh My!"

Nonprofit entities can be just as prone to misconduct (theft, embezzlement, accounting snafus, executives’ HR violations) as corporations. While there is no foolproof formula to avoid internal crises entirely, knowing when—and how—to respond and investigate can help avoid the most negative outcomes. Sometimes a government inquiry triggers an investigation, and other times internal discovery or ‘whistleblowing’ will  require an investigatory response. In either case the nonprofit’s internal controls and executives’ behavior will be scrutinized, and this panel will help you prepare for that scrutiny. Join us as we discuss:

  • Various categories of misconduct afflicting nonprofits
  • Regulator-initiated audits and statutory obligations
  • How to respond to internally reported wrongdoing or “whistle blowing”
  • When to call in the forensic accountants
  • What to expect after an internal investigation concludes
  • How to respond to subpoenas from third parties and/or the government