Financial Services


Innovations in the use of technology to transform the financial services sector present unique opportunities and challenges for fintech companies at every stage of development. Farella advises fintech clients on how to navigate these challenges and enable them to excel in this ever-changing industry.

As the sector evolves, Farella is well positioned to evolve with it. Because of our experience serving both the traditional banking and financial services industry and cutting-edge technology companies across many different industries, Farella provides the essential support fintech companies need to flourish. We bring wide-ranging industry insight, on-target counsel, and a full suite of services tailored to advance client goals.

Industry Focus

Farella lawyers represent a broad swath of companies operating technology-based financial services platforms. Our experience ranges from working with payment technology and merchant services companies to consumer investment management tools and cryptocurrencies.

Cross-Disciplinary Industry Knowledge

At the crossroads of finance and technology, fintech companies require skilled legal advice across a variety of disciplines. They need lawyers who understand the industry from start to finish, who can mitigate risk and maximize opportunities, protect their technology and intellectual property, negotiate and draft rock-solid legal agreements, and settle disputes or take claims to trial. Our experienced attorneys offer comprehensive and creative solutions to support fintech clients in a broad range of legal disciplines, including:

  • Privacy and Data Security: Counseling to address privacy and data security concerns and compliance issues, including California Consumer Privacy Act compliance and data breach strategy and response.
  • Intellectual Property: Drafting intellectual property licensing and technology purchase agreements, as well as protecting and defending intellectual property rights in trade secret, patent, copyright, trademark disputes.
  • Business Transactions: Advising on venture capital and private equity operations, mergers and acquisitions, company structuring and formation, fund formation, and other related corporate needs.
  • Litigation: Prosecuting, defending, and resolving claims of all types, including partnership disputes, supply disputes, and consumer class actions related to privacy and data breaches, false advertising, and unfair competition.
  • Insurance Recovery: Advising on cybersecurity insurance policies and other insurance matters, including policy placements, risk assessments, and complex insurance recovery negotiations.
  • White Collar Defense and Investigations: Conducting internal corporate investigations and representing defendants in civil class actions, SEC investigations leading to civil enforcement cases, and grand jury investigations leading to criminal charges.
  • Employment: Counseling on labor and employment issues, including executive compensation, trade secret protections, and remote workforce challenges.

Tailored to Your Needs

The applications for fintech are unlimited. We understand this first-hand and bring essential experience and relationships to the table that solve known and unknown business and legal problems, while saving time and money.

From small, routine matters to those that are complex and present unique challenges, we address the needs fintech clients encounter.  Our lean staffing offers clients a strategic advantage over other, more bureaucratic, and costly legal business models. Our teams are fully engaged in solving clients’ legal and business problems.