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Drought Makes New Work Rain Down On Calif. Attys

August 25, 2015 Media Coverage

August 25, 2014
"Drought Makes New Work Rain Down On Calif. Attys"
Farella Braun + Martel's partner, Buzz Hines, was quoted in Law360 about attorney work related to the California drought. “For all of us, this has become such a big part and prevalent part of our practices that it touches on everything we do these days, and I see this continuing through the summer and even the fall,” said Hines.

“There’s been a greater need for coordination among water users where there may be a groundwater resource that is applicable to adjoining properties,” Hines said. Clients are seeking out attorneys to draft agreements setting forth the rights of each of the parties, as well as their respective obligations, so that water deliveries can be guaranteed, according to Hines. Contracts relating to real estate deals also will have provisions dealing with water restrictions and rights, because buyers and sellers alike will need to have the full story on the water situation of the property in question, Hines added.

Also according to Hines, developers are having to think about landscaping needs, municipality regulations and conservation matters. “For a developer who is putting together a development, there’s a lot of just basic issues that are now very prevalent front and center given the drought,” Hines said.

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