Battery Energy Storage Systems Series

September 30, 2020 Articles

The increasing mandates and incentives for the rapid deployment of energy storage are resulting in a boom in the deployment of utility-scale battery energy storage systems (BESS), presenting both challenges and opportunities for energy developers, battery systems suppliers and financing entities. Farella’s Energy and Natural Resources Industry Group prepared a series of articles exploring our experience developed in supporting clients in connection with BESS projects. The series addresses key topics including best practices in permitting and entitling BESS projects, tax incentives related to integrating BESS in solar projects, engineering, procurement and construction issues in deploying BESS, and patent and licensing strategies to make battery technology more widely available.

Read the series, here (PDF).

Permitting Utility-Scale Battery Energy Storage Projects: Lessons From California

Engineering, Procurement and Construction Agreements for Utility-Scale Battery Projects

Breaking up the Patent Monopoly for the Benefit of Batteries

Battery Energy Storage Systems Integrated in Solar Facilities To Receive Tax Incentives