The San Francisco Bay Area is a nursery for emerging technology, supporting virtually every industry; the alternative and renewable energy markets are no exception. Farella is well-positioned to guide these companies in their development, protect their assets when conflict arises, and support their project development programs. Our deep knowledge of the solar, wind and renewable energy industry is the foundation for helping emerging energy companies establish corporate governance structures, finance operations and projects, protect patents and trademarks, build employee management systems, obtain permits and entitlements, and navigate disputes.

Energy Storage Systems

Energy storage is one of the most exciting sectors in energy today, with many new technologies being developed and tested. From batteries to pumped hydroelectric systems, the goal is to convert energy forms that are difficult to store into economically viable and  efficient power on demand. Our clients require expertise beyond our traditional renewable energy team, and include lawyers in our intellectual property and internet-of-things practices as well as experts in environmental, land use, real estate and litigation. Many storage projects have typical project development needs, but also require licensing and co-development relationships among the projects owners. As the need for energy increases, meeting peak demands will require the increased use of storage technologies and we are proud of our clients’ successes in this area.

Nuclear and Hydrogen Energy Facilities

A large portion of the world’s energy is currently being produced by nuclear reactors, but many of the reactors are more than 15 years old. With governments across the globe debating carbon emissions from fossil fuel sources, nuclear energy is projected to rise. And the nuclear industry has made significant advancements in both  reactors and the technologies that drive them. The promise of nuclear energy as a clean power source continues to drive investment, design and debate. Although the advancements are new, Farella is no stranger to nuclear technology. We have assisted EPC contractors, owners, operators, public utilities, national laboratories and state regulatory commissions with design, engineering and operations contracts, construction defect and delayed completion litigation, cost overruns and closure processes.

Geothermal Energy Production

California is home to some of the largest geothermal electrical operations in the world. A naturally occurring renewable energy source, Farella’s team has represented Calpine Corporation at their facility at the Geysers Geothermal Resource Area (GGRA) in Lake and Sonoma Counties, California for decades. With the help of government assisted research, the cost to generate geothermal energy has decreased substantially since the mid-80s, and we are proud of our efforts to ensure this green energy source continues well into the future. We have assisted geothermal energy producers with land use, environmental, real estate, financing, litigation and development projects.

Biomass and Waste-to-Energy Facilities

Biomass may be one of the oldest forms of energy generation, because it is simply the burning of living or once living organisms to produce energy. The resurgence in biomass energy stems from a desire to leverage various waste types as fuel sources, making it renewable and waste reducing. Many scientific processes are required to merge to create a biomass reactor, which then generates energy through steam driven turbines and generators. This energy source has significant air, water and waste water issues, as well as by-products that can be turned into commercially viable fertilizers, chemicals and biofuels. Many industries that produce a significant amount of waste  (e.g., plant trimmings from the wine industry)  regularly look to biomass as a viable energy source. Our team of environmental, construction, real estate and litigation attorneys have developed the expertise to assist biomass companies through all stages of development, sale, operations and facility closures.