Intellectual Property Litigation

Trade Secrets Litigation


Litigating Civil and Criminal Trade Secret Cases: Trends, Best Practices, and Lessons Learned

February 13, 2020 10:00am11:00am

Trade secret litigation is on the rise, both civil litigation and follow-on criminal prosecution for trade secret theft. Companies are grappling with how to protect their valuable information and minimize risk in their technological collaborations, especially with foreign partners, and in their employee onboarding and off boarding processes. This presentation will include an overview of:

  • Trends in trade secret litigation, both civil and criminal, and best practices in litigating these cases
  • Differences in the trade secret law and considerations in civil vs. criminal cases
  • How to protect your valuable Intellectual Property, including key issues relating to litigation involving Non-Disclosure Agreements and Employment Agreements
  • Discussion of lessons learned from Farella’s recent civil trade secret jury trials, including Huawei v. CNEX and Bladeroom v. Facebook and Emerson
  • Discussion of certain high profile criminal trade secret cases including US v. Levandowski and US v. Huawei.