Cybersecurity: Proactively Mitigate and Manage Your Company’s Cyber Risk

San Francisco, CA

Tyler Gerking, Aviva Gilbert and Tony Schoenberg presented "Cybersecurity: Proactively Mitigate and Manage Your Company’s Cyber Risk" at Farella's 10th Annual MCLE Day.

Topic:  All companies, from the large Fortune 100 corporations to small family-owned businesses, are connected to the Internet these days. With an Internet connection comes the risk of cyber security breaches. But each company has a unique cyber risk profile based on its industry, size, IT infrastructure and culture. We will discuss how companies should evaluate their cyber risks, and then proactively manage and mitigate them, within the broader context of their business goals. We will address the legal framework governing data collection and preservation, preparation for inevitable data breaches, risk transfer mechanisms such as insurance and indemnity agreements, and responding efficiently and effectively to security breaches with the goal of preserving customer and business-partner relationships and minimizing liability.