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Cannabis Cultivation in California: What to Know about the Current Environmental Framework

4/11/2018 12:00pm1:30pm
The Bar Association of San Francisco    
San Franicsco, CA

Cannabis Cultivation in California: What to Know about the Current Environmental Framework with moderator, Sarah Bell, and panelist, Buzz Hines.

This program will feature panelists who will offer information and experience regarding historic environmental impacts from cannabis cultivation (particularly to water quality and water supplies), the current status of California’s efforts to create a legal and regulatory framework to manage environmental impacts from cannabis cultivation, State and Regional Water Board involvement and enforcement, and real-world examples of how cultivators (and manufacturers, distributors, and retailers) might be addressing the new regulations.

• Historic environmental impacts from cannabis cultivation 
• Current legal landscape
• Responsibilities of the State and Regional Water Boards
• Enforcement and regulation
• On the ground - how cultivators are responding
• Beyond cultivation - environmental issues in manufacturing, distribution and retail

 For additional information about this event, click here

California Cannabis Industry Environmental Law and Regulation Resource List



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