Data Analytics


Data Analytics Industry Experience

  • Analyze and respond to cease and desist letter regarding data mining of information from primary information aggregator.
  • Analyze and respond to cease and desist letter addressing aggregation of online reviews using automated software crawlers.
  • Risk analysis regarding data aggregation for purposes of training machine learning algorithms in connection with acquisition transaction.
  • Risk analysis regarding scraping by HR Analytics start-up in connection with venture capital investment.
  • Risk analysis of U.S. anti-hacking and copyright law ramifications for acquisition of European AI company.
  • Risk mitigation strategies for transportation analytics client experiencing hyper-growth.
  • Analyze and mitigate risk related to scraping of competitor’s website.
  • Mitigate risk related to aggregation of consumer credit information.
  • Create specialty cyber insurance product to be offered by cloud provider’s captive insurer. 
  • Draft and negotiate cyber warranty and backing insurance policy to protect cybersecurity company’s corporate customers. 
  • Create specialty technology errors & omissions liability coverage to back-up fraud guarantee protection offered by crowdfunding platform.
  • Negotiate numerous cyber and technology errors & omissions liability policies for wide variety of technology and non-technology companies ranging in size from start-ups to members of the Fortune 5.

hiQ Labs Inc. v. LinkedIn Corp.

Represented startup hiQ Labs Inc. in a precedent-setting litigation for data analytics, mining, and aggregator companies and their right to access publicly available data under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA), and a California state law on unauthorized computer access. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed hiQ’s preliminary injunction against LinkedIn.