In addition to the tax, estate planning and business succession advice that we provide to our domestic clients, the attorneys in our Family Wealth Group also advise our global clients with complex planning issues that arise from a client’s ties to multiple jurisdictions. In particular, we provide sophisticated international tax and estate planning advice to individuals with citizenship, residency or physical presence in more than one country, and individuals with assets or beneficiaries located across borders.  Our extensive experience includes:

  • U.S. and non-U.S. property structuring advice for tax, estate planning, privacy and asset protection purposes
  • Compliance advice in connection with foreign assets and income for U.S. persons, as well as U.S. assets and income for non-U.S. persons
  • Advising non-U.S. persons on U.S. residency issues, including avoiding unwanted U.S. residency status
  • Pre-immigration tax and estate planning for non-U.S. persons inbound to the U.S., including advice regarding visas and green cards
  • Pre-emigration tax and estate planning for persons outbound from the U.S., including advice regarding relinquishment of a green card or U.S. citizenship
  • Establishing foreign and domestic trusts, companies and multi-tiered structures for the benefit of U.S. and non-U.S. beneficiaries in a tax efficient manner
  • U.S. income, gift and estate tax issues and reporting requirements

Our approach is a holistic one. We will work with the client’s existing advisors and attorneys in other jurisdictions as needed to ensure that the client’s tax, estate planning and other goals are met from a global perspective, and not just for U.S. purposes.