Farella's Product Liability and Stewardship Group provides comprehensive legal services for product designers, raw material suppliers, fabricators, manufacturers, importers, distributors and retailers  throughout the United States and internationally. The group is comprised of attorneys in relevant practice areas, including product law, environmental law, wine industry law, food and beverage law, commercial counseling and business litigation. Our team leverages the individual experience of each member to provide a multidisciplinary approach that serves our clients' unique legal needs and business objectives-whether they do business in North America, Central or South America, Europe, Asia or Africa.

We have assisted clients in a wide range of industries, including medical devices and pharmaceuticals, agricultural and industrial chemicals, construction materials and systems, consumer products, apparel, food and beverage, home furnishings and portable buildings, among others. Our attorneys have extensive experience with all facets of product stewardship and product law including:

  • Strategic planning, compliance counseling and regulatory representation (including UCC, FIFRA, TSCA, FDA, CPSC, OSHA and ISO compliance)
  • Complex product liability and class action defense (including California’s Prop 65)
  • Defense of government and private enforcement actions
  • Health and safety planning and management
  • Product recall coordination
  • Product critique and design testing programs
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Insurance coverage representation

We are seasoned, resourceful and experienced in working with product manufacturers and distributors as well as with the technical, scientific and toxicological experts and consultants involved in a coordinated, comprehensive and cost-effective product management or liability litigation defense strategy. Our reputation is demonstrated through the recommendation by the American Apparel and Footwear Association and The Hosiery Association of Farella as their go to firm for product stewardship and liability representation.

As the global product stewardship counsel for Levi Strauss & Company for more than 15 years and through global assignments for VISA, Inc. and the W.R. Bradley Company, our lawyers have developed extensive experience with product design, raw materials/component part controls, fabrication, manufacturing, labeling, life cycle analysis, disposal, plant siting and closing, terms of engagement/codes of conduct, documentation and information management, contract design and management, auditing, recalls, international trade negotiations, domestic and multi-national regulatory compliance and product stewardship integration with related company management systems.