PNC Scores a Win in Battle With USAA Over Mobile Check Deposit Patents

February 3, 2023 Media Coverage
American Banker

Eugene Mar, intellectual property litigation partner and chair of the Technology Industry Group, spoke to American Banker for the article "PNC Scores a Win in Battle With USAA Over Mobile Check Deposit Patents."

"My general sense is that both Judge Albright [who oversees the Waco court] and Judge Gilstrap very much believe in the trial system," said Eugene. "They believe patent cases are no different than any other type of case that our American jury system is well equipped to decide. So they've created a system in their courts that is friendly to getting to trial because they think that's the appropriate forum for these disputes to be decided."

"One of the big challenges, though, for all of these banks, whether it's Wells or PNC, has just been the sheer number of these patents," said Eugene. "It's a strategy from USAA to just overwhelm you with all these patents, so you have to challenge every single one of them. And so even if you prevail on half of them, as a defendant, you haven't won the case. Whereas USAA can win the case on the basis of one patent."

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