Pursuing a Corporate Board Position

5/2/2017 5:30pm7:00pm
Farella Braun + Martel LLP
235 Montgomery St., 17th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94104

It has been shown that corporate board diversity increases the bottom line, lowers risk profile, and enhances a company’s reputation. Board members who bring different perspectives and different skills and experiences can and will ask different questions, identify different opportunities for growth, and help a company keep pace in the rapidly changing marketplace. 

Nevertheless, certain groups are statistically underrepresented in the boardroom. For example, women currently hold only approximately 20% of board seats at Fortune 500 companies. Lawyers, who often have extensive involvement in the boardroom and savvy business acumen, don’t fare much better in actually earning a seat at the table. 

Carly Alameda and Olga Mack invite you to join them for a conversation addressing the opportunities, challenges, and strategies for pursuing a corporate board position. They will share what they learned over their year-long journey interviewing board recruiters, CEOs, GCs, and current board members for their recently completed electronic book
All [A]Board: Insights and Inspirations for Your Journey to and in the Boardroom

The event will also feature special guest SC Moatti, managing director of The Angels’ Forum and founder of Products That Count, who will contribute her perspective on joining and succeeding in the corporate boardroom.

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Hosted by


Carly O’Halloran Alameda
Litigation Partner
Farella Braun + Martel


Special Guest


SC Moatti
Managing Director
The Angels’ Forum


Olga V. Mack
General Counsel