Consumer Products + Manufacturing

Consumer Products + Manufacturing

As a premier legal services provider, Farella offers an ideal, multidisciplinary platform for consumer product companies and manufacturers alike. Our clients come to us for our ability to deliver solutions that are tailored to their distinct challenges, and rely on us to help them establish or sustain long-term, profitable growth.


For product manufacturers, distributors, designers, raw material suppliers, fabricators, growers, importers, retailers, and more, we address an array issues they face, including product litigation, development, branding, supply chain, environmental, real estate, regulatory, intellectual property, marketing, distribution, and general commercial issues.

Whether the enterprise involves consumer products, pharmaceuticals, or medical devices; agricultural or industrial chemicals; beverage, wine, food, or cannabis; construction materials and systems, home furnishings, or apparel, we understand the legal and commercial landscape of the consumer product and manufacturing industries and can provide an  expertise not found in many Northern California law firms.

We offer personal attention and serve as trusted advisors—invested in our clients’ successes.  Being mindful of the bottom line, our client teams are smartly-staffed and nimble, led by one or more Farella partners who stay engaged in every facet of the work. We work hard to ensure that all client needs are met, efficiently, and that questions are addressed, responsively.  


Our multidisciplinary approach serves our clients' unique legal needs and business objectives in Northern California and throughout North America. In particular, our areas of focus include: 

  • Product liability and stewardship
  • Litigation—including commercial and class action
  • Environmental regulatory, compliance, and litigation—including air, water, and waste under both federal and California regulations
  • Proposition 65 counseling and defense
  • Hazardous substances
  • Natural resources
  • Climate change
  • Intellectual property protection, defense, and prosecution—including trademark and trade secret
  • Employment
  • Insurance recovery
  • Corporate
  • Licensed entities
  • Business Transaction
  • Wine and cannabis


Our commitment to these industries is extended through participation and contributions to major national and state organizations, including speaking, writing, and leadership.

Firm Highlights


2024 Environmental & Energy, Mass Torts, and Products Liability Litigation Committees' Joint Regional CLE Program

Sarah Bell will moderate the panel "PFAS: Everything Everywhere All at Once"  at the American Bar Association's 2024 Environmental & Energy, Mass Torts, and Products Liability Litigation Committees' Joint Regional CLE Program. Session Overview: PFAS...

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SB 54: Shifting the Burden to Producers To Address California's Plastic Pollution

California's SB 54: Plastics Pollution Prevention and Packaging Producer Responsibility Act  (Public Resources Code § 41821.5) adopts the “extended producer responsibility model” (or “circular economy framework”), which makes manufacturers of single-use plastic products and packaging responsible...

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New Laws and Compliance Updates for California Employers in 2023

California has passed several new or amended employment laws covering topics ranging from off-duty marijuana use, reproductive rights, California Family Rights Act, COVID-19, criminal law and the workplace, new avenues of enforcement against employers...

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A Summary of New Laws Coming for California Employers in 2024

In 2023, California has adopted several new employment laws either introducing new employee protections or codifying existing practices into state law. With these changes, employers will need to examine and adjust some of their...

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Under FTC’s New Proposed Rule, Employers Will No Longer Be Able to Rely on Noncompete Agreements

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has proposed a rule that would prohibit the use of noncompete agreements in employment contracts. Noncompete agreements prevent employees and independent contractors from pursuing certain forms of employment &ndash...

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A Simpler Approach To Expanding Banking Access

While the cannabis community anxiously awaits what feels like Congress’ hundredth attempt to pass the SAFE Banking Act, there is one simple step that can be taken today to improve access to banking services...

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